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Fasting for Ekadasi

Fasting for Ekadasi

The eleventh tail is Ekadasi, followed by the new moon day and the full moon day

The mythology of Ekadasi

Murugan is the monster who gave great trouble to the gods, sages and humans. So they destroyed him and praised him to save them. Lord Shiva told them to surrender to Lord Mahavishnu. Accordingly, everyone surrendered Vishnu. Lord Maha Vishnu, who was able to protect them, began to fight with that monster. The war lasted 1000 years. After that, Maha Vishnu rested in a cave in Padrikasramam.

When the time was given to him and Murugan dared to kill the Lord, his power from his body was revealed in the form of a woman. When the monster came close to her, she broke the monster and burned her.

Seeing what happened, Narayanan renounced the power back into my mind and gave him the blessings of all those who would like to be called "Ekadasi". So, if we keep on fasting on the eagadhi day of the grace of Lord Narasimha from the power of Ekadasi, we will be blessed with the blessings of his grace.

Those who are fasting will receive all kinds of good things. This rhythm is health and wellness. Let's look at the method of fasting.
1. Those who take the oath of fasting must eat only one day on the first day of the month of Ekadasi

2. Ekatasi will be waking up early in the morning and bathing and praying for the prayer.

3. The whole of the Ekadasi is to be complete as fast as possible. Drink cold water. Seven times the basil leaves can be eaten. Since Ekadasi comes in a cold winter marigold, it is necessary to eat the basil to heat the body. By starving, it retires to the digestive organs. Cold water cleans the stomach. Those who can not be so hungry can eat ghee, vegetables, fruits, groundnuts, milk and curd like God.

4. Wear all the night and enjoy mythology, Vishnu Sahasranamam, Vishnu songs and Ranganatha Shastri. Do not watch TV in the name of waking eye.
5. The next day of Ekadasi comes to Doody. Dudhisasi is the morning meal that we call food. In the morning, on the morning of the morning without salt and sour-like tasteless food, Govinda, Govinda !!! Three times you have to eat and eat at the leaf and finish the fast. (Aching lettuce fry, gooseberry powder and roasted stalks are important.) In the morning of 21 days tomato must be cooked. It is necessary to keep the spinach, gooseberry and pepper.

6. At the time of the Vaishnava calendar, the Ekadasi fast should be completed at the specified time. Fasting and drinking water and drinking water, drinking basil and others can be eaten by the food (prasad). It is very important to observe fasting as the practice of eccentricity, or if it does not get the full benefit of fasting.

7. Give it to adults before eating. We should not have to sleep on the day of Vaikuntha Ekadasi fast. Ekadasi fasting is the tenth Dharma, the eleventh Dadi Ekadasi, the twelfth Dwadasi and the three swayathas. Those who are fasting will receive all kinds of good things. This rhythm is health and wellness.


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உங்களின் சிறந்த அணுகு முறை புதிய முயற்சியின் துவக்க தடைகளை நீக்கும். தன்னம்பிக்கையை உயர்த்தி நெருக்கடியை கையாளவும். பின்னடைவுகள் உங்களை பாதிக்க அனுமதிக்காதீர்கள். வெற்றி ஏற்படும்.|

இன்று உங்கள் துணைவர் அவர் / அவள் தனது தேவைகளையும், விருப்பங்களையும் உங்களிடம் சொல்வதை காதுகளையும், உள்ளத்தையும் திறந்து வைத்துக்கொண்டு கேட்கவும். நீங்கள் அவரிடம் அக்கறையாக இருப்பதை வெளிக்காட்டினால், உங்கள் உறவு இன்று உண்மையிலேயே மலரலாம்
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உங்களுக்கு சளித்தொல்லை ஏற்படலாம்.குளிர் பானங்களை தவிற்க்கவும். பிரச்சனை சிறீ…