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How to escape from the summer

How to escape from the summer

Summer diseases are to be closed every year without the village and urban areas. Especially in the heat of the heat, rhizomes, papules and pox disease are spreading. These diseases start with children first and spread to women and family.

That's why children play in the sun is not good for health. What do natural naturopathic experts say about the coming diseases, the escape and treatment methods of the summer?

When summer temperatures hit the body, heat-related diseases and discomfort appear. In this period, chickenpox can be very high. Water in the body will also cause chickenpox. The attack may also occur when the sun is constantly wandering in the sun.

From a victim, dust and smoke can easily spread to others. Small and small blisters appear in places such as the stroke, the back of the neck, the back and the hand. These bottles do not get scratched. These will disappear within a week.

Fold the nuts and put on it, boil it with water, diluted with water, and drink the grapes. This causes the erosion of the blisters.

You should only go to the doctor if there is too much stroke or excessive fever. Must be completely blocked for non-vegetarian foods. Vegetables in the steam must be taken in cold natural foods, fruits, whey, coconut water and water.
Besides, antibiotics can cause colds, cough, and fever. As the temperature increases, the water in the body will rapidly deteriorate. This increases the temperature of the body, causing the body tumors and the gums on the face. These are very painful.

If these tumors are too big to go, you should go to the doctor. The sweat occurs because the more sweat is in the body. Therefore, it is better to wash your face with water just to keep your sweat away from your body and wipe your body with a damp cloth twice a day.

It's normal to get cold because of sweating. So it's good to wipe the sweat away. Wiping the head sweat can avoid cold water. Poor lotus on the skin with tight lingerie can cause itching.

So you should take care not to wear those clothes. Algae occurs on the skin due to excessive dust and warm air. Many of the abdominal pain can occur due to warm weather. It is good to have a good smell around the navel in the abdomen.

Usually watering up to 6 liters of water daily to keep your body and heart cool during summer.

In the summer, you can use curds and spices rich in oils, bakeries, biscuits, non-vegetarian foods, curds, mardasam, rice, onion, cucumber salad, golden powder, beetroot, carrot, radish, pagal and tomato.
Many people have to face the problem of 'fat poison' because many foods in the summer are at risk of being damaged due to heat. Since the bacteria are easily evolving over the summer, the food should be carefully handled. So let's see how to keep food items safe in the summer.
1. We should keep the bridge in our home in the summer. Otherwise, there is an increased chance of toxicity in the food and vegetables that are causing the disease.

2. Before consuming the ingredients in the bridge, before cooking and cooking, vegetables and fruits should be washed well in good water.

3. The clothes used in the kitchen must be rinse daily. You can prevent fungal and fungal diseases

4. When cooked in a bridge, such as chicken and mutton, the germs do not spread by putting them on the bottom of the bridge. Do not mix other foods and vegetables with meat.

5. Use separate boards and knives to cut vegetables and meat. Wash the meat well after washing it.

If you care about cooking and eating, you can get away with the problem of 'Put Boyce'.
If the disease is infected, the treatment must be taken. Besides, the skin should not go out of time when the skin is not to be taken. Do not wear black clothes. Wear white clothes


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