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Is Advocacy of Vastu Experts Needed to Buy? Is Advocacy of Vastu Experts Needed to Buy?

Is Advocacy of Vastu Experts Needed to Buy?

Most people have the maximum lifetime dream of building a "own house" and wanting to live in it.

Agriculture can not do all the land. Similarly, all places are not places where people live happily.

People's mood in choosing the venue:

Does the majority of people care for the place where they are going to be near their school and their children's school? The hospital, the bus station, are you?

There is no choice in choosing the focus area in choosing the school to study their children.

Consider the following things:

1. Mountains, hills, temple, cellphone tower, stream, river, well, tall trees, public pool, bridge, school, park, general war, large buildings, college, railway rails, power, police station ...... Will they come near to where we are buying? If we are coming in any direction and in no direction should we come? What should we not live near?

2. Which side of the road comes to our place?

3. Is there a street or street look at our place?

4. Will the buildings on the side give good results to our place?

5. Notice the shape of the place?

You will have to examine such nuances and then choose the space.

Share of Vastu Expert in Selection of Space:

The best vast experts will tell you how to look at a place and where people live, what type of work is suitable for those who are employed, and those with virtuous life.

The street, street view can only be found by a specialist vastu expert.

A small shop is a storehouse, where everything is set up in the right place.

So, with the help of a great Vastu expert, lovely wishes to focus on choosing the place and taking a step in the gigantic life.

The highest gateway to achieve the highest peak in life .. !!

Every home, office, and enterprise must have a 'gateway', and everyone who goes out of the house needs to return home with health and wellness, all entrances to enter the office should be focused on the job and health.

Employers and workers must work in a good relationship with employers and earn a profit not only for their good name but also for profit. The starting point for all is the gateway. Setting the entrance to the right place is a brilliant act.

Which side of the door should you set up?

The concept of "special for the specific zodiac entry in the direction" is embedded in many people, each of which is different in the races, so it is impossible for each door to enter the door, so you can set the door any way you can set up a doorstep for a house.

Peak gate:

The highest gates are four. They

1.The directional direction is dependent on the east

2.Changing direction is dependent on the north

3. The directional direction is dependent on the east

4. The highest peak is the northward direction of the northward direction.

It is intellectual to design a house with a best vast expert's support, as it is not only mentioned but also a more versatile thing in the form of a high gate.

The windows of the house are supreme.

Things to See:

The "head" is the same for a man and the head of the house should be one. If you set up the head of the head, you will get the benefit. How many doors can you have in a house, what kind of door is made of wood, if you have a Sami film system? It is a brilliant act of knowing a variety of things to be a good vast expert.

Making Stairs like Crowns .. !!

Help us to take us to the top floor. Let it be housing or life. Setting up the floor in a lonely place will lead to success. The clock is in a high position because it is working relentlessly. Similarly, a vast house will give us the unmatched labor required to achieve the highest level of life. In the stairs, the role of the Dagiva is very high.

Places not upstairs:

You should not come in any inner house.

Do not come into the tradition.

Do not get to the north-east corner outside the house.

Where can the stairs come?

The south middle of the ouveet may come to the west.

Other than the northeastern corner, outside the outer can come from other corners. But they are very unlikely to be unbalanced.

Consider the following things:

👉 What kind of direction should you climb?

Need a number of steps?

How to set up a staircase in the autonomous system ......?

It is a brilliant act to learn several hundreds of nuances like this. In this case, it is best to get advice from a top specialist.

If you want to stay in the winner of life, you have to pay more attention to building a staircase in the house or in the office.

The valuable wall of the wall .. !!
The majority of people are in the idea that 'on a land like gold, we have to make every square in the house without waste.' But this idea is not correct. "Every house, office and company" is very important.


The four-sided wall of a house is called a "mother wall". It is important for a mother to have a family as well as a father. There is definitely a difference between a mother and a child who develops a mother and a father. Likewise, there will be a lot of difference between home residents and those living in a house that does not have a built-in wall.

Why is it necessary?

Every country has a border. The "boundary" separates a country from another country, and it is essential for every home to be bordered on the border when a country needs a border, a key role in protecting a home from external factors.

It also makes the most important task of grasping the universe and taking it home. The skin over the body plays a role in saving as much as we can from the sun and from the cold, as it protects against a home.

What's wrong if it does not exist?

The universe will have no chance of entering the energy house.

Any good thing is a delay.

Obstacles and struggles will remain.

Dysfunction and malnutrition will occur.

Industrial improvement and loss of money.

People living in the area will experience unexpected losses.

So Mullishwar plays an important role not only for security but also for providing happiness. Mathiaswar is very important to achieve great success. The next article about how to set up such a multilanguage can be found.


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